FOLLOWUP: TWO Netra T1 AC200 unable to boot. Fixed but nonsense

From: Borja Marcos <>
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 06:35:56 EST
	Hello again,

	It seems that the problem is fixed, but looks like voodoo macumba. I
would *really* like to know what has happened. (I'm not into black
magic, that's why I want to know what has happened).

	The magic has been:

	setenv diag-switch? true

	<pull the plug>
	<plug again>

	and... voila! It has booted correctly.

	I had tried pulling the plug, counting some seconds, etc on Monday,
but with no success. Can the diag-switch make any difference?

	These machines are going to enter production in some weeks, and I
need to know that they are going to work!

	Thank you,

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