SUMMARY: Tools for Ultra-1 Memory Upgrade

From: Jesus Cea Avion <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 08:04:21 EST

I just bought a Kingston 256MBytes upgrade for a Sun Ultra-1 machine.

Since downtime for that machine should be the minimum possible, I'd like
to know if I need special tools in order to disassemble the machine and
install the modules inside.

I already have "standard" tools and I'm familiar with hardware changes
in other architectures.

I'll summarize.


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"use a plan and simple Phillips screwdriver".

"memconf" to visualize memory banks usage:

Service manual:


Kingston sends instruction about the memory upgrade, but they don't
cover the machine case.

Most emails refer to a "phillips" screwdriver. I didn't know what a
"phillips" screw was, so I use some "chewing gum" to get a "head model"
of the screw, since I had no direct visual access to the machine rear

In Spain such screws are called "star screw", by evident reasons ;-).
Standard tool indeed :-).

The upgrade process was simple and fast (<5 min). Thanks all of you.

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