Summary: A1000 Quick'n'Dirty setup

From: Evan Oulashin <>
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 20:24:06 EST
Thanks to all, Vinnie, Tim, and numerous others who kindly sent help. 
The bullseye goes to Hoang Nguyen for this very useful tip:

"Enclosed is the Auburn univerisity web site, they have a very good info
this web page that I think you can use to get an  A1000 disk array  up
just minutes."

Several pointed me to the gui; that would have been my first choice but
unfortunately I was limited at the time to the command line interface,
having no x display at the moment.  The link above does step through the
commands needed to at least get 'somewhere'.  Sun docs can at times
appear a bit oblique; I suspect others may concur...

thanks again,

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