SUMMARY: Qlogic ISP 1040B

From: Igor Schein <>
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 19:49:35 EST
On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 12:58:39PM -0500, Igor Schein wrote:
> Hi,
> I have Qlogic ISP 1040B, which is a Fast/Wide Differential SCSI Host
> Adapter.  I put it into an Ultra-60, but probe-scsi-all didn't detect
> it.  Are the any known compatibility issues for this adaptor?
> Thanks
> Igor

Stan Pietkiewicz suggested to use "sifting probe" at OK prompt to see which
other related commands are available and try them, but I had already
tried probe-scsi and probe-scsi-all.

Geoff Reed suggested using loading drivers and doing boot -rv, but I
would imagine probe-scsi-all probes on such low level that the drivers
wouldn't help.

Finally, Rahulkum Patel pointed me to,
from which it's clear that this particular adapter is not on the list
of Sun-supported adapters.

Thanks to you guys.

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