[SUMMARY] Replace Boot Disk

From: Kao, Jeff <JKao_at_viewpoint.com>
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 11:01:47 EST
Many thanks to Utkarsh Joshi, Gene Huft, and Metcalf. Utkarsh and Metcalf

1. prtvtoc -h /dev/rdsk/cxtxdxs2 >filename
2. fmthard -s filename /dev/rdsk/newrootdiskslice2
3. dd if=/dev/rdsk/oldrootpartition of=/dev/rdsk/newdiskrootparttion bs=64k
4. repeat for all partitions on oldrootdisk. then 
# installboot /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk newrootpartition (
/edv/rdsk/cxdxtxs0 )
5. then change device entries in /etc/vfstab on newrootdisk to that of
newrootdisk. Or if you replace it physically with old one I don't think you
need to do anyhing. 

Gene recommended using Veritas standard procedures to replace the primary
boot disk (see sunsolve.sun.com Doc 14820).

I felt more comfortable to do it on the Unix level without Verita. I took
Utkarsh and Metcalf's suggestion. Pop in a new disk with SCSI ID 1 using the
jump pin and follow the steps 1-4. At the end, I assigned the new disk SCSI
ID 0 and tooked out the old drive. Winthin 20 minutes, it worked perfectly.


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I have a Sun server with Veritas VM. The boot disk is under VM encapsulation
without mirroring. I want to replace the boot disk because it makes loud
noise. I can pop in another disk. I can mirror the root disk. What will be
next in order to replace this drive? Thanks!

Jeff Kao
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