SUMMARY - Help with ndd

From: John Elser <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 09:31:27 EST
Thanks for all of the response.  The one response that solved my problem of
setting my nic card to100mbs and Full Duplex came from Ladislav Kostal.  He
states that the ndd command doesn't work on x86 Solaris.  To change my nic
from autonegotiate to 100 mbs Full Duplex is to edit the /kernel/drv/elxl.conf
and uncomment the approprate lines.

My original posting:
I'm running Intel x86 Solaris 2.6 on a Dell PowerEdge 1300.
I'm trying to change my nic card configuration from "autonegotiate" to
"100 mbs Full Duplex".  I've seen how to do this with the hme interface
but how do I determine my interface?  I thought that it was the output
from the netstat -i command, but when I do: # ndd -get /dev/elx ?
I get:  operation failed, Invalid argument
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