[SUMMARY]: Tar problems

From: Johnston Mark <mark.johnston_at_xmedia.ch>
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 07:14:46 EST
Hi all,

It was the -X option that I left out ..... silly me!!!!

Thanks for all those that replied.


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Subject: Tar problems

Hi all,

Here is a simple question but its got me stumped ......

I am trying to use tar with an exlcude file. I have the following:

/bin/tar -cpvf /dir1/test.tar /dir1/test-exclude -C / 

In the test-exclude file are all the root folders except for etc and var
which I am using for this test, however every time its makes a tar of the
exclude file. If I use a "." a the end,

/bin/tar -cpvf /dir1/test.tar /dir1/test-exclude -C / .

it archives / but does not exclude any files. If I use a include file with
the -I option it works fine, but I need to use the exclude option.

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