SUMMARY: Any good postscript viewer for Solaris 8?

From: Sam Ou <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 20:43:20 EST
All these suggestions are good. None of them works,
though. pageview and sd* are worse than gv and
ghostview. Only when the latex file uses type 1 font,
Command? the resultant pdf, either converted by crobat
distiller or ps2pdf, is good. I guess gv can't find
the correct font, but I've alread set GS_FONTPATH to
/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/outline. The files
under that dir are as follows.
  Courier-Bold.pfa           Helvetica-Oblique.pfa
  Courier-BoldOblique.pfa    Helvetica.pfa
  Courier-Oblique.pfa        Symbol.pfa
  Courier.pfa                Times-Bold.pfa
  fonts.dir                  Times-BoldItalic.pfa
  fonts.scale                Times-Italic.pfa
  Helvetica-Bold.pfa         Times-Roman.pfa

Below are the original question and suggestions.
Thanks anyway.
Does anyone happen to know a good way of displaying
postscript files under solaris 8? gv 3.5.8,
ghostview 1.5, and image viewer display ps files
> Suggestion 1:
> Try /usr/openwin/bin/pageview
It may only work on Solaris X servers (older versions,
at least, used Adobe's DisplayPostscript extensions to
the X server which Sun had licensed).
Suggestion 2:
A lot of utilities are in /usr/dt/bin:  ls -CF
Suggestion 3:
You can try Adode Acrobat Distiller for Solaris to
create PDFs of the postscript file and use Acrobat to
view it.

Suggestion 4:
I usually convert ps to pdf using ps2pdf utility and
the use acroread. 
Suggestion 5:
Sounds to me like you're using the wrong fonts.
Suggestion 6:
Your installation of gv sounds broken. I've used gv
for years on Solaris and it has always worked fine.
Try getting a newer ghostscript. Your problem is most
likely with the ghostscript installation.
Thanks to:
Stephen Harris <> 
Steve Camp <>
Kent Perrier <> 
Sudheesh Krishnankutty <>
Tristan Ball <> 
Tim Carlson <>

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