SUMMARY NFS mount of a _large_ directory

From: <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 08:33:40 EST
Thanks to Casper Dik and Gnanagurusamy B.

It turns out that listing the directory has never really worked.
The system which was not working had failed for a completely different reason. (a webserver somewhere had stopped responding properly). Sigh, Look at something not working, see a problem and try and fix it isn't _always_ the way to go.

The suggestion of running 'solaris snoop' rather than TCPdump proved somewhat useful, because the ERRs that tcpdump was reporting seem to be erroneous. The snoop showed that directory entries were being listed, just really really slowly (about 30/second and for 190,000 no wonder the ls seemed to just 'freeze')

Thanks again all.
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