SUMMARY: bootable A3500 disk

Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 16:16:30 EST
Thank you to Steve Camp for responding.  After talking with Sun and
receiving the "Preparing the RAID Module as a Boot Device" document, the
system rebooted successfully.  The basic procedure for Solaris 8 and
RM6.22.1 is this (there is a slightly different on for earlier releases):

		1. Install OS and patches
		2. Install RM6
		3. Edit rmparams if greated than 8 LUN's needed
		4. Edit sd.conf if reboots need to be speeded up
		5. Run /etc/init.d/rdacctrl config
		6. Edit /etc/system to add the line:
			(where C coresponds to the controller
			number and T coresponds to the target number)
		7. Boot -r
		8. Update firmwares.

Thank you again.

> I am trying to reinstall an E5500 with an A3500
> setup in 2x7 configuration with Solaris 8 and Raid 
> Manager 6.22.1.  All was well until the the reboot 
> after the rm6.22.1 install.  Now the pathing to the 
> boot device is out of sorts and it can no longer mount 
> /(root).  I keep coming up to dead-ends on Sun's site 
> and we do not have a maintenance agreement with them 
> yet (inherited hardware.)  Any help will be appreciated 
> and I can start from scratch if needed.
> Thank you,
> Sarah
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