SUMMARY: Command Equivalence Matrix

From: Michael Kiernan <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 02:54:14 EST
I forgot the SUMMARY in the subject, which is a good excuse
to resend and say "thanks" for all the great personal 
well-wishing messages. Best of luck for everyone on the
list also seeking gainful employ (seems to be a lot of you!)
- I'm sure things will pick up early in the New Year....


Mike Kiernan

ps. maybe I should go back to AIX after all ;-) :

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Subject: [Fwd: Command Equivalence Matrix?]
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 19:17:30 +0100
From: Michael Kiernan <>
Organization: S.A.

Lots of replies, in order of receipt:

Scott McCool
Scott D Thornberry
John Maguire
Russell Niesz
Jeffrey Wimmer
Frank Smith
Mark Lin
David Evans
G Hackett
Tim Gallagher
Jon Lasser
David Foster
Jim Coleman
Edward Scown 
Tim Evans
Jason Dixon
Richard R. Morgan
David Cantrell
Dave Warchol
Celeste Stokely
Brian Coyle
Rob Rankin
Shashank Rai
Ed Rolison
Mike's List
Rich Kulawiec

Basically I got two answers (only Brian Coyle I think sent them both):

Rosetta Stone

Thanks for those.

a couple of people also sent me some specific commands for linux
which I've filed away - thanks.

My assessment of the two existing matrices is:

- the formats are 'orrible (especially the rosetta stone)
- the scope is limited
- they don't account for different versions of each os
- Linux coverage is limited to Redhat pretty much
- who cares about AIX? (just kidding)

A lot of people also asked if I'd be willing to share my matrix.
Well, yes, but to be honest it's more a list than a matrix, and
completely random/haphazard - only really including commands I KNOW
I'm gonna forget if you know what I mean, so isn't really good
reference material. 

So, looks like a gap in the market there for someone looking to
implement another dot-adclick-doomed-to-failure business model.

Speaking of which...I'm redundant from Tuesday next (actually just 
in time to take some paternal leave for my first baby - every cloud
has a silver lining ;-)). You can reach me at: 
- I'll rejoin the list from that address once I get bored with feeding
and nappies :)

Thanks again,

Mike Kiernan

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Subject: Command Equivalence Matrix?
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 18:07:41 +0100
From: Michael Kiernan <>
Organization: S.A.

For years I've kept my own horrible mess of a 
"command equivalence matrix" for all the various
gnarlsome operating systems I've subjected myself to.
Basically it's a flat file with:

command: show cpu info
HP-UX: /usr/sam/lbin/getmem ||
       wc -c /dev/mem || dmesg| awk '/Physical:/ && /Kbytes/ {print $2}'
Solaris: prtconf -v|| prtdiag -v
IRIX: hinv -v

command: show packages:
debian: dpkg -l
solaris: pkginfo -l
HP-UX: swlist

command: show patches:
solaris: showrev -p
IRIX: versions | grep -i patch
AIX: instfix -iv | grep IX

obviously things are complicated by the availability of FSF and other
3rd party utils/abstractions but you get the idea...

With Linux I'm struggling badly with different commands on
different releases. I'm getting seriously bored with trawling
through yet another set of mundane man pages looking for the right

Has anyone ever seen a matrix for Linux (particularly from the point 
of view of a Solaris admin) esp. for debian and redhat.

Will Summarize!

Mike Kiernan

Michael Kiernan S.A.
Krakow, Poland
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