Summary of 4mm Tape Problem

From: Powers, William <William.Powers_at_GD-ES.Com>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 11:28:41 EST
I tried to send this on Monday, but had it rejected due to some "Message has
a suspecious header" problem.

Monday's message:

Sorry for the tardiness of this summary, but I was out with an illness.  My
original question was:

>         I'm having a problem recovering files from a dump tape created on
> SunOs system.  On the recovery system
>         I'm running Solaris 5.6, so I am using UFSRESTORE.  Each time I
> to restore from one of the 3 dump tapes I get the
>         error "Record size (512) is not a multiple of dump block (1024)".
> have tried different densities associated with the
>         restoring device, i.e. ufsrestore rf /dev/rmt/0h (0l, 0u, 0m...)
> I get the same error.  However, I can take a tar tape and
>         do a listing on it just fine.  Has anyone seen this problem and
> was this corrected?

I received 4 responses, shown below.  Although David Evans provided quite a
bit of help, unfortunately I
still couldn't get the restore to work.  I tried both John Corcoran and Jay
Lessert's suggestions but (sorry fellows)
theirs didn't work either.  I haven't gone back to a SunOS 4.x system, as
Peter Stokes suggested, but I may have 
to locate a copy of  the SunOS software and reinstall it temporaily to
restore the tape. 

				Thank You all

***************** Summary of Replies ******************************

Suspect it may be better to temporarily setup a 4.1.X system and restore to
it, then either ftp/NFS to the 2.X system.
Peter Stokes

have you tried the
#>usfrestore -iv /dev/rmt/0m (interactive)
John Corcoran

One possibility is that you're using a different block size ("b" option)
on the ufsdump and ufsrestore.  They need to be the same.
Best is to find out the exact ufsdump command line that was used.
Else good guesses are 20 (the default) and 126.
Jay Lessert

Generically your problem is one of the "wrong command". Have you tried
cpio, dd or tar to read the tape? If not you may want to try dd and
read the head of the tape, dump the output through od and check the
magic number in the header against /etc/magic to see what was used to
create the tape.

You may also be suffering from a change of format problem. SunOS4.x 

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