SUMMARY: keep in mind: /sbin/iifconfig issue

From: Ole Martin Refvik <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 04:10:52 EST
Thanks to Casper Dik I found out that i had misunderstod the
syntax of the command

The status parameter is just valid if you use dhcp or auto-dhcp in front:

/sbin/ifconfig hme0 dhcp status	#is okay

/sbin/ifconfig hme0 status		#Gives hme0 new address if you have "status" in
your hosts file or in your DNS


/sbin/ifconfig hme0			#Gives information about your hme0 interface.

This i got from some other ones:

>From "man ifconfig":

     It is recommended that the names broadcast,  down,  private,
     trailers,  up,  and  the  other possible option names not be
     selected when choosing host names. Choosing any one of these
     names  as host names will cause bizarre problems that can be
     extremely difficult to diagnose.

Ole Martin Refvik
Received on Mon Dec 10 09:10:52 2001

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