SUMMARY: FC-AL Adapter for Ultra 60

From: Granville, Danny <>
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 14:41:43 EST
My thanks to:
Troy Abernathy
John T. Douglass
Mike Mazdeh
Bertrand Hutin

Besides Sun's X6729A HBA, two other suggestions for HBA's to connect the U60
to the A5000 included the
Emulex LP8000, and the Qlogic 2300 HBA ( ).

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I need to get a FC-AL Card (PCI) to hook up an A5000
to an Ultra 60.  Looking at I see part
X6729A (PCI FC-AL  single-loop host adapter, 100MB/s
optical interface), but it claims it is only supported
on Netra t 140X .  Has anyone tried that card on an
Ultra 60?  Does anyone have suggestions for other
cards that might also do the trick?


Daniel Granville
UNIX Systems Administrator

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