SUMMARY: Sendmail : missing top level domain

From: Piard, Frederic <>
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 06:39:39 EST
Dear all,

I received some kind answers but nothing very helpfull, so I bet that my
problem was no common and I decided to reinstall the last version of
sendmail on my mail relay ans servers.

I downloaded/compiled/installed/configured sendmail 8.12.1, and finally it
_works_ as it should be.

Thank you.

Fridiric Piard.

Below, my original question ...
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Dear all,

I can't find any solution to my problem.

Everything works fine, but sometimes a mail comming from ""
is rewritten in "user@lexiquest" (without the .fr). The mail reach the
mailbox, bt we can not respond to it because the Return adress is wrong.

This happens only when a mail comes in our main mail relay from the outside
world and say that it comes from our mail domain (

This may be usefull when someone of our company is outside and use a
personal way to send email but wants its return adress the same as if he was
inside our company. This works perfectly when he send mail anywhere in the
world except in our company. In the case the mail looks like it was sent by
user@lexiquest (instead

I am using sendmail-8.11.1 on my external mail relay, sendmail-8.9.1 (the
one from Sun) on my internal mail relay and at MS Exchange-5.5 as our
internal mail server.

Do you have any clue ?

Thank you in advance ...

 - Frederic Piard

 - <>
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