Summary: problem vi'ing large files

From: Paul LaMadeleine <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 16:03:51 EST
At 12:56 PM 12/3/01 -0500, Paul LaMadeleine wrote:
Greetings again,

         Well, I got a lot of responses of "make a link somewhere else for 
/var/tmp" and the like.  However the size of /var was over 1 gig and the 
file was only 163 meg.  It never ran out of space so I didn't think it was 
a file system issue.
         A couple of people suggested using different editors, namely VIM 
or EMACS.  These are not installed and would take weeks to though our 
change control police to get installed, though I am huge emacs fan.
         More people suggested using the various stream editors like SED 
and AWK.
         I got a couple of suggestions of splitting the file up into 
smalled chunks.  The way I liked best of doing this was by using this 
command: "split -b 20m target"
         One person replied that a bug report has been issued to SUN about 
this issue.  It appears that vi can not handle any file greater that ~117 
meg.  In True64, AIX and HP vi can edit this same file without appearent 

         However, this request originally came from a user and I told them 
they should not be doing it this way anyway.  You see, they did not really 
want to edit the file, they just wanted to look at it - it's a log file.  I 
told them to use more instead.  I just wanted to find out why this error 
was being generated.

         Thanks for all your replies.


>         I've got a problem vi'ing a large file.  I get an error of "Tmp 
> file too large" and I just can't seem to get around it. The file is 
> around 163 meg in size.  I've tried setting the default tmp directory 
> using the EXINIT var to a partitoin with gig's free and it still has 
> issues (export EXINIT='set directory=/u06/attrep/tmp').
>         This is a solaris 8 box.
>         Someone did post a similar question, but only posted that it 
> might be a bug in sun's vi.
>         Any thoughts?
>         thanks,
>         Paul
>root@argo:/etc% ls -l /u06/attrep/reports/1222001TOKENLOG
>-rw-r--r--   1 attrep   oinstall 163077228 Dec  3 11:20 
>root@argo:/etc% vi /u06/attrep/reports/1222001TOKENLOG
>"/u06/attrep/reports/1222001TOKENLOG" Tmp file too large
>14:58:10.110 processing time  : 0:00:00.140        wolf <w A2C aw > OK
>14:58:10.213 interprocess time: 0:00:00.103
>14:58:10.213 10/02/01 now, diff 0:00:00.506
>Token type ALG_CONSUMER, trans 0, ID 0xB43E678B, key 00042332046C
>return_mailbox: T_ACClm_elbahler,  custom: ATT_SEAST_MIAMI_ATT
>14:58:08.475 10/02/01 created
>14:58:08.610 interprocess time: 0:00:00.135
>14:58:08.613 processing time  : 0:00:00.003     camelot <w VAL db > OK
>14:58:08.618 interprocess time: 0:00:00.005
>14:58:08.619 processing time  : 0:00:00.001     camelot <w SEC db > OK
>  Tmp file too large
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