SUMMARY: Dell Precision 330

From: Robert Bannocks <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 15:47:01 EST
I got 3 answers from:
From: Steve Sandau <>
From: "Mike's List"  <>
From: Bobby Ramirez <>

Who all suggested checking the Hardware compatability List on Sun's web
The precision 300 is not on; but, that in itsself should not stop Solaris.
I found after some experimentation that the cause was the on-(mother-)board
3com ethernet network card.  I disabled this in the BIOS setup and Solaris
installed fine.  I can now boot Solaris even with the net card turned on in
the BIOS; however, as soon as I "ifconfig elxl0 plumb" the ether card I get
a kernel panic caused by a NULL pointer in the elxl module.  So it was the
net card.  Having said that the nVidia graphics card I have is not supported
so I will have to swap that out and get another net card.

Thanks to those that replied.

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> I have  a Dell Precision 330 (Pentium 4+256Mb ram) and Solaris 8 07/01
When I
> attempt to boot from the install disk I get a kernel panic.  I also get
> warnings about ACAPI tables not biing in reclaim memory?  I have searched
> archives but foiund no solution.  Dos any boday know what the problem is?
> there a work arround?  Any help appreciated.
> Rob
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