SUMMARY: Temperature monitoring

From: Maccy <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 11:31:49 EST
My thanks this time go to :-

Davorin Bengez
Henrik Mortensen
Ed Rolison
Jim R Jones
Bill Voight
Joseph Herpers
John Marrett
Steve Beuttel
Thomas M. Payerle
+ anyone who answers post-summary! 

Some selected answers appear below. The solution to this, is of course to
get my air-con fixed ;-) but for now things seem OK. University
politics mean this could be a few months before we get this sorted....

Room/ambient temperature(s) are 27 deg C, gets up to a max of 29 deg
C. CPU modules 48. So a little scope there as you will see below.....

Of course all this info is in the owners' guides but unfortunately they
are not to hand at present.

Thanks to all again.

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Davorin Bengez wrote:
according to Sun E250 User's Guide:
- alarm will go off at 60 deg Celsius CPU or 53 deg Celsius ambient
- system will shut down at 65 deg Celsius CPU or 58 deg Celsius ambient

Henrik wrote:
The E-machines will shut down themselves when they feel uncomfortable;
not sure about the desktops.

seen it once with SGI machines: at room 30C machines started shutting 
(or failing) down.  Think the PowerChallenge was set for shutdown at
a die temperature of ~70C.  Depending on the size of your machine
room, temperature will *rocket*

Ed wrote:
don't know about suns, but I do know that standard operating temperature
for an athlon is around 45 degrees.
If it hits 55 or so, then you need to start worrying (This is from
overclocking a few). You tend to notice a higher error rate as the
temperature rises, but IIRC you don't have to worry about the silicon
melting until 70 +

Jim Jones wrote:
My basic guide line is that if the outside temp reaches 85 - 90 degrees
Fahrenheit than the systems are in trouble.  You can do the conversion to
Celsius.  Most system like to have the internal temperatures below 104
degrees Fahrenheit.  If your out side temp is between 85-90 degrees than
you inside the box temp will be close to or over the 104 limit.

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