SUMMARY: accounting issue

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 09:29:32 EST
Thanks to:

Jay Lessert
Mike Marcell
Joel Lee

Auditing (bsmconv, audit_control, audit_user, praudit, etc.) is what I
was looking for.  man bsmconv.



Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I am looking to tightly monitor users, the commands they run, what
> files/directories they accessed, and the times of each.
> The issue is this, they could be logged into any box, making accton on a
> perbox basis somewhat costly in overhead.  I think I can do some things
> to narrow down the scope of possible hosts but I want to verify a few
> things first.
> Will Solaris accounting do all the things I'm looking for?  Of course,
> like 90% of the cases, I am also interested in specific users.  Will
> accounting allow me user granularity or would I need to script that out
> myself?
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator
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