Followup: Unable to install A1000

From: Fredrik Robertsson <>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 05:11:33 EST

>From the replies I got I realised I should have been more specific in my
original post...

The A1000 is connected to channel A on a Sun dual FW Diff-SCSI card in a
E250 running Solaris 8 with the recommended patch bundle from 2001-11-21. On
this I then installed RAID Manager 6.22, but with no success in finding a
controller... here's a snipped reported during RM installation...

WARNING: set_drivers: No arrays were found that are controlled by either the
sd or the ssd driver

This probably comes from then /etc/osa/mnf file being empty. Why this file
is empty I don't know.

Then Jeff Welsch mailed me a couple of really good links, and said that on
Solaris 8 I need patch 108553-07. But even with this patch applied and after
a "reboot -- -r" the drifers complain:

Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev There are no devices (controllers) in the system;
nvutil t
Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev Array Monitor initiated
Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev /usr/lib/osa/bin/arraymon: [ID 712306 user.error] No
devices found to check.
Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev /usr/lib/osa/bin/arraymon: [ID 712306 user.error] No
devices found to check.
Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev RDAC daemons initiated
Nov 29 10:38:42 scdev rdriver: [ID 400281 kern.notice]
] RDAC Resolution Daemon locked in memory

Also, even though I can see 8 LUNs on that SCSI-channel from the ok prompt,
I cannot see anything using format. There's no indication in
/var/adm/messages that the machine finds anything on that channel during
boot. And just to be on the safe side I added a FW Diff-SCSI terminator when
the problems started appearing.

This leads me to the conclusion that either the SCSI-controller or the
RAID-controller is not working properly. Sigh. I'll try digging up a spare
SCSI-controller, and if this doesn't help I'll call Sun for a replacement
A1000 controller.

Thanks to Michael Kalus, Tim Chapman, Thomas Knox, Randy Romero, Yura
Pismerov, Hans Schaechl, Hoang Nguyen, Jonathan Hays, Mike Salehi, Jeff
Welsch, Vinnie German, David Baldwin, Rick McKinney, John Riddoch and Tony
Walsh for helping!


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>> Hi!
>> I've just spent some time trying to add an A1000 to one of our
>> servers, but
>> with no success. It seems I'm not able to make the OS see the box at all,
>> but from the boot prom I can clearly see that it is there using
>> probe-scsi-all.
>> From what I can see, the drivers can't find the device at all. What am I
>> missing? Does it have to have a specific SCSI-id to be recognized
>> automatically? Can I run some monitoring commands to see what it
>> can see? I
>> tried a few from /usr/lib/osa/bin, but all they do is complain about "No
>> RAID devices found".
>> Mvh Fredrik Robertsson
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