[SUMMARY] Imaging and Recovering Solaris 8 Machines

From: Tim Schaab <tim_at_madweb.org>
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 22:01:33 EST
Thanks for the feedback.  Turns out I was looking at the right sites for the 
system image info, just looking with the wrong criteria.  After a quick change 
in search terms in docs.sun.com, and a newbie nudge I got back on track with 
the info I was looking for.

Kudos to Jed Dobson and Jacob Ritorto for the nudge in the right direction.  
Jeb gave me the pointer to www.sun.com/blueprints where I found a blue print 
on Webstart Flash.  That site might be a good thing to add to the FAQ, seems 
like it has a decent amount of info on it.

  Tim Schaab

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