SUMMARY: Name server information is incorrect

From: Lawrence Cheong <>
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 10:16:17 EST
Hi gurus,
   My problem is far from over, but the journey of a thousand 'li' begins 
with a single step. Many thanks for the prompt responses, as of at 2315 
Malaysian time: 

Andy Lee
Brian Scanlan
Fletcher, Joe
Hendrik Visage
Steve Sandau
Sudheesh Krishnankutty
Tim Evans 

My battleplan is to select 'NONE' and configure the server's DNS after the 
OS is installed. I just hope the ride is smoother then on. My original 
question was: 

"I am installing Solaris 2.6 on a E3500, using Web Start. I have entered the 
IP address, subnet mask, domain name & DNS server IP. Upon confirming these 
information, however, I got the message 'ERROR: name server information is 
incorrect'. The network cables are plugged in...and the LEDs seem positive." 

(Web developer cum half-baked sys admin)
Received on Mon Nov 19 15:16:17 2001

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