SUMMARY: Ultra60 support for large hard drives

From: Joseph McCall <>
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 00:54:47 EST
Thanks to Mike ( and Jay Lessert ( for
the quick replies. Original question and a concise answer from Jay are
below. Agree with Jay on the 'driver' quote which is why I decided to post
to the list.


> Ultra-60, (2) 450 UltraSPARC III procs, 2GB RAM, (2) 36GB internal drives
> running Solaris 8 10/01.
> The user would like to replace one of the internal 36GB drives with an
> (unknown brand). Checked with Sun and they reported that they did not
> provide drivers that would allow this. Anyone out there successfully
> a similar configuration or can verify that it's impossible?

No such thing as an 80GB SCSI drive that *I've* ever heard of, so I
hope you don't have a clueless luser that wants to drop an 80GB IDE
drive into U60.

If it's a 73.xGB, SCA 3.5" drive (those *do* exist), then it will work
just fine, assuming the power consumption is no more than 20-30%
greater than the factory drive it replaces.  I've done that in a
previous job, a ST173404LC, I think.

Not supported, of course.  If it breaks, it's up to you and the company
who sold you the drive to fix it.  But if it's a good drive, it'll

The "did not provide drivers" comment is bizarre.  Unlike IDE, the
arbitrary size limits for SCSI are way up over 1TB.  Or else an A1000
(to pick a common example) with single SCSI interface and stuffed with
12x36GB drives wouldn't work very well, would it?  Either your Sun
contact totally misunderstood what you wanted, or they're a moron, or
they thought you're a moron.  :-)

By the way, don't even think about putting that drive in your U60
unless you know *exactly* what the drive is, where it came from, you've
got the datasheet on hand, etc.

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