SUMMARY: Jumpstart Oddity

From: Richard Grace <>
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 22:03:22 EST
Being that I'm not that familiar with Solaris 2.6 or earlier, this
has been solved by using appropriate settings in the sysidcfg

Here is the working sysidcfg file:

  network_interface=3Dhme0 {hostname=3Dsolar ip_address=3D192.168.182.85 =

Settings which did not work with 5/98 media (contrary to the
Admin Guide and other sources), or did not seem to, were:

  name_service=3DDNS { domain_name=3Dlab.internal. name_server=3D192.168.18=
2.66 search=3Dlab.internal }
  network_interface=3Dprimary {netmask=3D255.255.255.192}

Thanks to all who responded, you've saved me some major
frustration and time.


>>> "Richard Grace" <> 15/11/01 10:24:38 >>>
Thanks heaps to all who responded so far.

The problem seems to be a lack of information in the sysidcfg file,
or perhaps incorrect syntax.

Initially, I assumed that the Jumpstart had failed completely when
the interactive install began, but I should have followed through
to find out that only a few questions were being asked, and they
would highlight the missing information.

I've got it to the point where it's only asking for the time and date.
After that, the Jumpstart works OK.  The ``timeserver'' option is
the one which has me scratching my head, since the time and date
are not set automatically.  I've tried using the IP address of the
Jumsptart server (on the same network, to no

I also tried patching the install image, but have reverted back to
the 5/98 media image as there seemed to be no difference.  The
netmask of /26 seems strange, but rest assured, it all works.  My
test lab has a number of weird networks just for fun.

Here are my sysidcfg and profile files - original email is below:

  network_interface=3Dhme0 {hostname=3Dsolar ip_address=3D192.168.182.85 =

  install_type initial_install
  cluster SUNWCreq
  system_type standalone
  partitioning explicit
  package  SUNWadmc add
  package  SUNWadmfw add
  package  SUNWdoc add
  package  SUNWlibC add
  package  SUNWlibms add
  package  SUNWman add
  package  SUNWntpr add
  package  SUNWntpu add
  package  SUNWsprot add
  package  SUNWtoo add
  package  SUNWvolr add
  package  SUNWvolu add
  package  SUNWxcu4 add
  package  SUNWxwfnt add
  package  SUNWxwice add
  package  SUNWxwplt add
  package  SUNWxwrtl add
  filesys c0t0d0s0 2048 /
  filesys c0t0d0s1 1024 swap
  filesys c0t0d0s3 2048 /var
  filesys c0t0d0s4 free /opt

As you can see, things are pretty straightforward.

Richard Grace.
Unix Systems Administrator
AAPT Limited.

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Richard Grace wrote:
> Hi folks (I accidentally didn't send this to the list last night - =
> I'm having an issue with Jumpstart which has had me chasing
> my tail for a day now.  I've search the archives to no avail and
> doesn't seem to clear this up at all.
> I have a working Jumsptart server, and custom scripts to make
> profiles for Solaris 7 and Solaris 8.  All works fine.
> But, I have the need to Jumpstart a Solaris 2.6 machine to test
> package compatibility.
> I've built the Solaris_2.6 directory on the Jumpstart server as
> described in every how-to I can find, and copied the ``check''
> script (and other necessary bits) from the sumpstart_sample
> directory on the 2.6 media.
> The profile is created OK, and the machine boots fine.
> But:  The machine enters an interactive install every time.
> All of the files and directories look OK on the server, and the
> profile looks fine in comparison to the Solaris 7 and 8 profiles.
> Any ideas on where to look for discrepancies, or mistakes?
> Thanks in advance.
> Richard Grace
> Unix Systems Administrator
> AAPT Limited
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