SUMMARY: Clustering two Netras or Solaris x86

From: Rami Aubourg <>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 11:16:49 EST
First of all, Thanks to all who replied.
Joe Fletcher
Ray McCaffity
Dylan Northrup
Nelson Caparosso
Timothy Lorenc
Christopher Ciborowski
Jon Andrews
Adrian Terranova

There is no support yet for Netras T1 or X1 or Intel at the time for sun 
Cluster 3.0. It seems that Neither Veritas, nor Sun Cluster will ever 
have support for Netra X1's because they don't have a PCI slot to place 
an SCSI HBA for the shared storage. On a T1, there might more chances. 
It is now officially supported for SC 3.0, according to Sun docs.

Some other more cost-effective solutions have been suggested for simple 
failover service:


Integratus UHA:
Stonebeat ServerCluster: (Finnish humour ;-) ). Looks 
real nice.

Hardware (still abit expensive):

Cisco arrowpoint CSS-11150

Original Message:

Hi, gurus,
 > I was looking for people who've had experience on clustering two
 > Netras-X1 or T-1's. This solely for redundancy and high-availability
 > purposes of a standalone server.
 > From what I've seen, there are two solutions:
 > Veritas
 > Sun Cluster 3.0
 > According to a mail on the list in December 2000, most admins prefer the
 > Veritas solution.
 > The trouble is that only the Sparc Enterprise series seem to be
 > supported. Nothing on the Netra series, nor Intel-based Solaris.
 > I've also had experience on Veritas as a RAID manager, and have found it
 > quite easy to use, but very restrictive, if not administrative in their
 > licencing  (1 licence per host ID, so impossible to test on something
 > else than the production machine).
 > Is there a solution around for Solaris for my type of hardware? (Netras
 > and Intel).
 > Thanks in advance,
 > Rami Aubourg


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