SUMMARY: Need to install external Hard drives without reboot.

From: Jordan Gaston <>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 09:56:49 EST
I knew that it was simple, Thanks for the flood of replies

All you need to do is
drvconfig -I sd

Of course this is neither a supported nor really a good idea
Unless you are very familiar with your systems and are sure 
that the SCSI is not being hit.

The best way still is to do
boot -r or reboot -- -r

Thanks to everyone, there where way to many replies to name


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Subject: Need to install external Hard drives without reboot.


I need to install some Hard drives without rebooting.  I know 
there is a way I have done it before, I cant remember
for the life of me.

Thanks for the help, I will summarize.

Jordan Gaston
Systems Administrator
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