SUMMARY: getting iostat -E info

From: <>
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 12:57:33 EST
For those who suggested using truss, that's how I know what iostat is doi=
The best came from Justin Stringfellow <Justin.Stringfellow@Sun.COM>

        system("iostat -E")
        /* got get beer */

Final result: It looks like a lot of hassle to get a "generic" program fo=
r all
releases, so I'll stay with command line stuff.

Orignal post:
I'm trying to come up with a way to progammatically generate information =
disks, with such information as type (i.e. EMC, A3500, Photon, etc)and si=
ze. =

The "iostat -E" has this info along with too much other info. Does anyone=
how "iostat -E" gets the info (which calls, sub-commands)? =
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