SUMMARY: netra X1 crashing hard

From: Justin Sheehy <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 14:45:08 EST
This is a summary to a problem that I posted in August.  The original
post is at the end of this message.  The reason it took so long to
summarize is that the problem was only manifesting every month or
two.  Thus, I had to wait a while to be reasonably confident that
things were fixed.

I received many responses, most of which were requests for info from
people who were having the same problem.

Several people made helpful suggestions, including:

 - check the power supply
 - check for bad DIMM or CPU
 - install some known patches
 - bring the OBP level up
 - get Sun to deal with the whole thing via warranty

The idea that seems to have done the trick was a suggestion from
Rachel Polanskis.  I installed the following two patches:


I have not had a crash since August.

If you are having problems with X1s crashing hard, I highly recommend
that you install these patches.



Justin Sheehy <> writes:

> I looked on sunsolve and through recent posts here, and couldn't see
> anything on this subject, so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone
> has any useful info.  As always, I'll post a summary if there is any
> useful feedback.
> I have a Netra X1 which I purchased directly from Sun a few months
> ago.  It is running the version of Solaris 8 that shipped on the
> machine.  I looked for relevant patches, and didn't notice any.  I
> suppose it is possible that I somehow missed the patch.
> (or perhaps a firmware problem/upgrade)
> Symptoms:
> Twice now the machine has spontaneously just hung.  Nothing at all in
> syslog for the hour or two before the crash, and then the machine is
> totally unusable.  Net goes away, no console, and the power switch
> doesn't even work.  That last bit makes me suspect that it is a
> problem with the LOM unit.  Both times we have recovered the machine
> by pulling the plug and plugging it back in.  Both times it has been
> fine for a while after that hard-powercycle.  This is obviously
> suboptimal behavior for a box designed to be left in a colo rack.
> Diagnostic info:
> bash-2.03$ uname -a
> SunOS ra 5.8 Generic_108528-06 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2
> bash-2.03$ lom -v
> Supply voltages:
>  1               5V status=ok
>  2              3V3 status=ok
>  3             +12V status=ok
>  4             -12V status=ok
>  5         VDD core status=ok
> System status flags (circuit breakers):
>  1             USB0 status=ok
>  2             USB1 status=ok
>  3              SCC status=ok
> bash-2.03$ sysinfo
>         G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N
> Host Name is              ra
> Host Aliases is           ra loghost
> Host Address(es) is
> Host ID is                830508e8
> Serial Number is          2198145256
> Manufacturer is           Sun (Sun Microsystems)
> Manufacturer (Short) is   Sun
> Manufacturer (Full) is    Sun Microsystems
> System Model is           UltraAX i2
> Main Memory is            128 MB
> Virtual Memory is         1.1 GB
> ROM Version is            OBP 4.0.6 2001/02/19 09:56
> Number of CPUs is         1
> CPU Type is               sparcv9+vis
> App Architecture is       sparc
> Kernel Architecture is    sun4u
> OS Name is                SunOS
> OS Version is             5.8
> OS Distribution is        Solaris 8 10/00 s28s_u2wos_11b SPARC
> Kernel Version is         SunOS Release 5.8 Version Generic_108528-06 64-bit
> Boot Time is              Sun Aug 19 19:26:09 2001 EDT
> Current Time is           Tue Aug 21 00:12:22 2001 EDT
>         K E R N E L   I N F O R M A T I O N
> Maximum number of processes for system is            1882
> Maximum number of processes per user is              1877
> Maximum number of users (for system tables) is       117
> Maximum number of BSD (/dev/ptyXX) pty's is          48
> Size of the virtual address cache is                 16384
> Size of the callout table is                         110
> Size of the inode table is                           8316
> Size of the directory name lookup cache is           8316
> STREAMS: Maximum number of pushes allowed is         9
> Maximum global priority in sys class is              64
> Has UFS driver is                                    TRUE
> Has NFS driver is                                    TRUE
> Has TMPFS driver is                                  TRUE
> Has FD driver is                                     TRUE
> Has NFSSERVER is                                     TRUE
> Has IPCSEMAPHORE is                                  TRUE
> Has IPCMESSAGE is                                    TRUE
> Has IPCSHMEM is                                      TRUE
>         S Y S C O N F   I N F O R M A T I O N
> Max combined size of argv[] and envp[] is                           2096640
> Max processes allowed to any UID is                                 1877
> Clock ticks per second is                                           100
> Max simultaneous groups per user is                                 16
> Max open files per process is                                       256
> System memory page size is                                          8192
> Job control supported is                                            TRUE
> Savid ids (seteuid()) supported is                                  TRUE
> Version of POSIX.1 standard supported is                            199506
> Version of the X/Open standard supported is                         3
> Max log name is                                                     8
> Max password length is                                              8
> Number of processors (CPUs) configured is                           1
> Number of processors (CPUs) online is                               1
> Total number of pages of physical memory is                         16384
> Number of pages of physical memory not currently in use is          1025
> Max number of I/O operations in single list I/O call is             4096
> Max amount a process can decrease its async I/O priority level is   0
> Max number of timer expiration overruns is                          2147483647
> Max number of open message queue descriptors per process is         32
> Max number of message priorities supported is                       32
> Max number of realtime signals is                                   8
> Max number of semaphores per process is                             2147483647
> Max value a semaphore may have is                                   2147483647
> Max number of queued signals per process is                         32
> Max number of timers per process is                                 32
> Supports asyncronous I/O is                                         TRUE
> Supports File Synchronization is                                    TRUE
> Supports memory mapped files is                                     TRUE
> Supports process memory locking is                                  TRUE
> Supports range memory locking is                                    TRUE
> Supports memory protection is                                       TRUE
> Supports message passing is                                         TRUE
> Supports process scheduling is                                      TRUE
> Supports realtime signals is                                        TRUE
> Supports semaphores is                                              TRUE
> Supports shared memory objects is                                   TRUE
> Supports syncronized I/O is                                         TRUE
> Supports timers is                                                  TRUE
> Supports C language binding option is                               TRUE
> Supports C language development utilities is                        TRUE
> Version of ISO POSIX-2 standard (Commands) is                       199209
> Supports creation of locales by localedef is                        TRUE
> Supports Software Development Utitility is                          TRUE
> Supports User Portability Utilities is                              TRUE
> Version of ISO POSIX-2 standard (C Language binding) is             199209
> Maximum obase values allowed by bc is                               99
> Maximum number of elements in array in bc is                        2048
> Maximum scale value in bc is                                        99
> Maximum string constant in bc is                                    1000
> Maximum weights for LC_COLLATE is                                   10
> Maximum expressionss in expr is                                     32
> Maximum length of input line is                                     2048
> Maximum repeated _SC_REALTIME_SIGNALS is                            255
> Supports X/Open Encryption Features is                              TRUE
> Supports X/Open Enhanced Internationalization Features is           TRUE
> Supports X/Open Shared Memory Features is                           TRUE
> Supports Character Terminals is                                     TRUE
> Version of supported XCU is                                         4
> Maximum functions in atexit() is                                    32
> Maximum iovec structures for readv()/writev() is                    16
> Supports X/Open CAE 8/1994 is                                       TRUE
> Maximum pid value is                                                30000
> Default stack protection is                                         3
> Max size of group entry buffer is                                   10496
> Max size of password entry buffer is                                1024
> Max login name is                                                   9
> Max TTY name is                                                     128
> Supports POSIX Threads is                                           TRUE
> Supports Thread Stack Address Attriutes is                          TRUE
> Supports Thread Stack Size Attribute is                             TRUE
> Supports Thread Priority Scheduling is                              TRUE
> Supports Thread Priority Inherit is                                 TRUE
> Supports Thread Priority Protection is                              TRUE
> Supports Thread Process Sharing is                                  TRUE
> Supports Thread Safe Functions is                                   TRUE
> Supports X/Open Legacy Feature Group is                             TRUE
> Supports X/Open POSIX Realtime Feature Group is                     TRUE
> Supports X/Open POSIX Realtime Threads Feature Group is             TRUE
> Supports X/Open ILP32 w/32-bit offset is                            TRUE
> Supports X/Open LP32 w/64-bit offset is                             TRUE
> Supports X/Open LP64, 64-bit offset is                              TRUE
> Supports X/Open LP64, 64-bit offset is                              TRUE
> [...]
>         D E V I C E   I N F O R M A T I O N
> SUNW,UltraAX-i2 is a "Sun 375-3015"
>     openprom1 is a "Sun Open Boot PROM" device
>     options0 is a "PROM Settings"
>     aliases1 is a "PROM Device Aliases"
>     pci108e,a001/0 is a "Sun sabre" PCI
>         isa0 is a "AL ISA" system bus
>             ds1287 is a "DS1287 Real Time Clock" device
>             power0 is a "Sun Solaris DDI Power Management" device
>             su0 is a "82510/8250/16450/16550AF" serial device
>             su1 is a "82510/8250/16450/16550AF" serial device
>             flashprom1 is a "Sun Flash PROM"
>         pmu is a "AL AL-M7101 PMU"
>         pci128h,9102/0 is a PCI
>         pci128h,9102/1 is a PCI
>         pciclass,0c0310 is a PCI
>         pci10b9,5229/0 is a "AL AL-M5229 TXpro"
>             c0t0d0 (dad0) is a "ST320413A" 18.6 GB disk drive
>     cpu0 is a "Sun UltraSPARC-IIe" 400 MHz CPU
> i2c-smbus
>     i2c-max1617 is a "MAX1617 Thermistor" device
> Any ideas?  Am I just missing a patch, or is this a currently known problem?
> Thanks.
> -Justin
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