SUMMARY: Apache+mod_ssl vs Apache+SSL

From: Alex <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 00:26:18 EST
My thanks to:

John Kennedy
Mark Montague
John Martinez
Joseph McCall
Dennis Kelly

who shared their opinions regarding:

Alex wrote:
> could you please share your opinions what is better to run (under Solaris 8):
> Apache+mod_ssl or Apache+SSL? What are pros and contras?

Everybody voted for mod_ssl. The arguments are:

1) mod_ssl is better maintained - new version is released right after new
Apache is released. At the moment the latest version of mod_ssl (2.8.5) is
for Apache 1.3.22, but the latest Apache-SSL is for Apache 1.3.19.

2) mod_ssl is better written and reported to run faster on all platforms.
It better integrates with Apache - without rough patching Apache's code.

3) the documentation is better for mod_ssl. Its mailing list is also more
active and helpful.

4) mod_ssl is easier to install.

5) mod_ssl has more options and much better configurable.

Thanks again to all who responded.

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