SUMMARY: Compiling Software for Solaris 8

From: Thomas Bader <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 10:42:39 EST
* Thomas Bader <> [011023 23:06]:
> I have a Enterprise 220R running with Solaris 8 in 64bit
> mode.  But I cannot create 64Bit executables, since I have
> no license of SUN cc.
> But I have access to a Solaris 2.6 cluster running in 32bit
> mode with appropriate SUN cc licenses.  Is it possible, to
> compile my software there and copy them to my box?

First I like to thank all the people who answered me. Thank
you, Olaf, Casper, Tajind, Kevin and Mark!

Unfortunately, my intend is not possible, because the
Solaris Cluster is missing the appropriate 64bit libraries
and linker:

[saa:~|3> cc -xarch=3Dv9
ucbcc: Option -xarch=3Dv9 is not supported on this OS version
[saa:~|4> cc -xtarget=3Dgeneric64
ucbcc: Warning: illegal option -xtarget=3Dgeneric64 ignored

Instead, I will try -m64 with the new GCC 3.x or, if this
does not work, I will get a precompiled lsof from

An other tip I received: To cross-compile with GCC, edit
gcc/config.gcc and look at the lines beetween 3211 and 3222.
If you uncomment the entire case-statement there, you're
able to compile 64bit binaries on a 32bit platform.  (But,
be carefull).

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