SUMMARY: Gigabit Performance

From: Darvin Pope <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 14:20:59 EDT
Best Answer comes from Sean Burke that sun recommends 1 Mhz of CPU power per 
1 Mbps of data throughput, with a minimum of 167mhz to handle interrupts.

Still would love to know a formula of how to calculate the cost of a CPU 
cycle, but thats not a big deal.  Just want to impress the PHB.

Thanks again,

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Subject: Questoin regarding Gigabit Ethernet performance

We have gigabit ethernet on all our servers, a decision made before I got
here.   According to our network admin, the utilization never exceeds
100MBPS..  When using the Gigabit ethernet cards in our more heavily
utilized servers, our processors take a hit.   I know Gig-E cards affect
performance because they operate on INT7 and cause mutexes to block & spin,
but what i'd like to know is if anyone knows the precise amount of processor

utilization a gigabit ethernet adapter can eat?   I'm attempting to
calculate the cost per CPU cycle (anyone know how to do that?!) and how much
we're wasting.

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