Summary: Jumpstart Netra X1, what gotcha's having problem getting past

From: Steve Hastings <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 17:49:02 EDT

Took me a while to get this summary out there.  While I received many
replies all pointing in the same general direction, Sid Wilroy, provided
the infodoc with the solution.  My original question is at the bottom and
the infoDoc  response that Sid sent is included.

Thanks Sid. It was a piece of cake.

Thanks also to:
Brent Killion
Mike Tuupola
Jonathan Jackson
Rachel Polanskis
Mark Lewis
Steve Mickeler
Jonathan Loh

Steve Hastings

Sid Wilroy <> on 10/16/2001 10:23:11 AM

Please respond to

To:   Steve Hastings/Seattle/Contr/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:  Re: Jumpstart  Netra X1, what gotcha's having problem getting

Here you go!

INFODOC ID: 26310 STATUS: Issued
SYNOPSIS: Reinstalling Solaris 8 on the Netra X1 including LOM (Lights out
Mangement) packages

The Netra X1 server comes preinstalled with Solaris 8 Update 2 (10/00),
LOM (Lights out Management)software and all the patches it needs to

Because the Netra X1 server does not contain a CD-ROM drive and the Solaris
media is not bootable on this system, if you need to reinstall the Solaris

environment, you must do so from a network install server. Additionally,
the Netra X1 Drivers must be downloaded from Sun and added to the
This download includes the LOM software. The latest "Netra X1 Server

are also accessible from the download site.

** The Netra X1 Server is supported under Solaris 8 Update 2 (10/00),

(1/01) and Update 4 (4/01)
only when modified by the mis.netra-x1.259-3836-03 script

This document will take you through a step-by-step installation of Solaris

Update 2 (10/00) on a Netra X1 including
creating the install server, modifying the install image with the
mis.netra-x1.259-3836-03 script, and installing the
operating environment.

A modified Update 4 install image needs a minimum of 805mb of disk space


1. Insert the Solaris 8 Update 2[3|4] (1 of 2) cdrom.
   Change to the following directory and run the setup_install_server

This example uses '/export/install/10_00' as the location where the install
image resides.
   Also referred to as install_dir_path.

   # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_8/Tools/
    # ./setup_install_server install_dir_path
   (# ./setup_install_server /export/install/10_00 )

2. When the script has completed, insert the Solaris 8 Update 2[3|4] (2 of
and complete the
   installation of the Solaris 8 image by running the add_to_install_server

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_8/Tools
    # ./add_to_install_server install_dir_path
   ( # ./add_to_install_server /export/install/10_00 )

3. On the install server, make the following directory with the respective

   #  mkdir -m 755 /var/tmp/netra-x1

4. Go to website and download the latest "Netra X1
Software Drivers":

Select - Netra Solutions

Select - Sun Solutions

Under "Netra X1 Software Drivers"

Select - Software Drivers

Select - "Click here" to download the Netra X1 Software Drivers

Select - "Register" if not registered

Enter Personal ID and Password

Select - Login

Select - Accept

Select - Continue

Select :

Download Netra X1 Server Product Notes , Solaris/SPARC ( .12MB )


Download , Solaris/SPARC (12.13 MB )

5. On the install server, change to the following directory and unzip the

    # cd /var/tmp/netra-x1
    # unzip


extracting: modify_install_server.netra

extracting: archive.Z

6. Add the patches and packages automatically to the network install server
image using the following syntax:

    # pwd
    # /var/tmp/netra-x1
    # ./modify_install_server.netra -d install_dir_path
  ( # ./modify_install_server.netra -d /export/install/10_00 )

<output excluded>

Note: The script log file is located in /tmp/modify_install_server.####

7. Next, setup the client's IP and Ethernet address information in the
corresponding hosts and ethers files respectively.

/etc/hosts : localhost tornado          (Fill in appropriate IP address and
hostname of
                                                  the X1 client, this
uses tornado)

/etc/ethers :

8:0:20:xx:xx:xx  tornado         (Fill in appropriate Ethernet address and
                                                 hostname of the X1 client)

Note: When using a name service (dns, nis or nis+), update the respective
to reflect the new client information

8. Setup the client for booting over the network by changing to the
where the install image resides and
  running the add_install_client script.
  # cd /install_dir_path/Solaris_8/Tools
  ( # cd /export/install/10_00/Solaris_8/Tools )

# ./add_install_client  hostname sun4u

where hostname is the hostname of the Netra X1 client and sun4u is the
architecture of the Netra X1

( # ./add_install_client tornado sun4u )

>From the Netra X1 BootPROM (ok prompt), type the following syntax to

installation process.
      ok boot net

** NOTE: If an automated "Hands off" custom Jumpstart Installation is
then reference the Advanced Installation
Guide and infodoc 16484.


The following patches are included in the Netra X1 Server Software Updates

110383-01 or later SunOS 5.8: libnvpair patch

108528-07 or later SunOS 5.8: kernel patch

108664-06 or later SunOS 5.8: Support for Network Service

109793-07 or later SunOS 5.8: su driver patch

108974-09 or later SunOS 5.8: dada, uata, dad, sd and scsi patch

110208-09 or later Netra Lights Out Management 2.0 patch

110693-01 or later Netra X1 dmfe ethernet driver, Link light

111092-01 or later Netra X1 time of day driver

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Burlington, MA 01803 
Phone: 1 800 USA-4SUN          Opt 1, Opt 1, Enter Case Number

Steve Hastings wrote:

> All,
> I have jumpstarted successfully all other types of sun4u arch boxes, but
> this Netra X1 is giving me problems, it seems to be having issues with
> configuring the dmfe0 that is listed in the sysidcfg.
> It saying can't load the driver for /pathtoethernetinterface.
> Besides listing the dmfe0  in the sysidcfg, is there something I have
> forgotten about how this interface comes up.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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