Semi-Summary: Console Servers Clearification

From: Oleg Lukyanov <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 14:59:16 EDT
I got allot of replies but those consisted of product brands and models.
Most of people pointed toward cyclades ( Lightwave 
( and Cisco (
I am more interested in testing tools for the console servers.
I want to be able to replicate a real environment and test the features.
Also I am interested in hearing what people are disappointed with in terms 
of features in their console servers. The 2 big disappointments I am aware 
of is the boxes sending break when they are power cycled or the boxes having 
too small of a buffer cache or too small of a number of concurrent 
sessions... Am I  missing some other biggie?
Money is no issue in this case and we will be evaluating the newest console 
server product from lightwave. I want to be able to really take the test box 
to its max and I was hoping there would be tools for creating multiple 
sessions at the same time and generate a session based on some script 
concurrently etc. The second part is that we are looking to replace/upgrade 
our console servers which are currently in place and are connected to over 
7,000 Solaris boxes worldwide. That is why scalability and central console 
server account administration is such a big deal. Thanks.
-Oleg L.

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