SUMMARY : netstat

From: jennifer climenti <>
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 21:26:36 EDT
sorry for the late summary...i was out of state..

thanks a lot for all...for quick responses..there are more than twenty 
responses to use "lsof"

thanks for Justin Stringfellow  for additional tip....

"lsof will help you, but please be careful, there is a known bug with it 
where it can crash the system.better to use a script like this:

twinkie $ cd /proc
twinkie $ for i in `ls`
...> do
...> pfiles $i
...> done | more"

My additional question
how to figure out which process is listening to a port? i used netstat -an 
to see if a particular port is listening port number is more than 4500 and 
it is not configured in /etc/services...but how to find out the process.


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