Partial summary: Backups fail

From: John Tan <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 19:27:28 EDT
I only received one response.  Thank you, Yura Pismerov, for your help.

Yura suggested that it could have been because the filesystem was busy; ie.
too many files being modified while ufsdump was running.

My own research from and told me that
ssh would give an error message as what I found if "write" does not know how
to handle stdout when it encounters errors.  These errors could be due to a
number of reasons, any of which could have caused me my problem.

>From this, I found that a failed reconfig could have caused me my dilemma on
one of my backup servers, and I have fixed this.  I have one other server to
figure out.

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> From: 	John Tan  
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> Subject:	Backups fail
> Folks
> I use a combination of ufsdump and ssh to backup my servers across the
> network.  While the scripts have worked well for months, they failed
> yesterday, all reporting that
> Write failed flushing stdout buffer.
> write stdout: Broken pipe
> Dump exit code 2
> Does anyone see why this might be so?
> I have tested ssh to ensure that it still works (it does), and checked the
> tape drive and the ufsdump command (they are fine also).  I don't
> understand how why there would be a "write fail flushing stdout buffer".
> Thanks for your assistance.
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