SUMMARY: cfgadm and hot swappable scsi disks

From: John Marrett <>
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 09:19:20 EDT

Thanks to Darren Dunham, Vipin Sharma and Gary Losito for their help with my

I should clarify that I was talking about replacing a disk (e.g. to replace
and 18gb with a 36gb) and not simply removing one.

The procedure outlined in my first email is correct, as long as you are not
using Veritas/disksuite or any other disk manager. If you are then clearly
you need to remove/move any data stored on the disk you intend to remove.

The cfgadm command is limited to the E3X00 -> E6X00 and the E10k (Though
according to Vipin Sharma they are suported but not recommended on the
E3X00 -> E6X00).

That being said the command will not run on Solaris 7 (on a 450), and
appears to run on Solaris 8 (Netra AC200). Perhaps the scope of this command
is being changed to include lower end systems?


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Subject: cfgadm and hot swappable scsi disks

Until recently I was under the impression that changing a hot swappable disk
involved the following simple process:

1. Remove all mounted files systems, swap systems, etc...
2. remove the disk
3. replace the disk
4. drvconfig;disks;devlinks

I am now aware that there is a command called cfgadm that can be used to
disable a disk before removing it.

When I run cfgadm on a Solaris 7 system (e250) I get the following output:
# cfgadm -al
cfgadm: Configuration administration not supported

Can anyone tell me:

Should I modify my procedure for changing disks
Why the cfgadm command doesn't work on solaris 7 (e250)
Anything else I should know about hot-swappable disks.

Thanks in advance; I will summarise.


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