Partial Summary: Uncooperative X1

From: John B. Spindler <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 19:08:34 EDT
I have gotten a lot of replies and I wanted to update you on my statushowever
a typhoon has hit Okinawa where I am so I have not been able to get to the
office yet to try anything but I will give you a rundown of some of the things
I will be trying come tomorrow. I will first post who gave the suggestion and
then what the suggestion was

R. Scott Balfour 

Take it out of diag mode.
At the ok prompt do a printenv
make sure that diag-switch? is set to false.

(I definitely plan on trying this one, will let you know scott thanks)

Dale Sides 

Hook the JumpStart server directly to the machine to be installed via a
crossover cable and everything worked fine.  I think it may have been
caused by the switches blocking some of the arp requests

Darren Dunham 

Mr. Darren notes that :
I had a pair of machines that simply didn't work when connected via
crossover cable direct.  As soon as I replaced it with a hub, I got it
to jumpstart immediately.

John Marrett 

If the netmasks and the broadcasts of the server and client do not match
then you can have problems with the ARP/RARP; tftp; nfs. (I think maybe
I'm going To have to check this one)

Ok well like I said I have not had a chance to try anything but this is
what I got so far and as soon as I have a chance to try some of these
suggestions I will post my final Summary and let you know how we got it
to work  Thanks again all! :)

John B. Spindler
Systems Engineer, 926-2754
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