SUMMARY- DLT 7000 ufsdump compression

From: <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 09:46:16 EDT
Thanks to all who responded:

We currently have a SUN Enterprise 4500 running Solaris 8 with a Storedge
L280 (DLT7000) tape unit. We do not have Veritas or network backup. I run a
ufsdump on the filesystems on a DLT tape IV which claims to be able to hold
35gb native to 70gb compressed.
For some reason I have been unable to make these filesystems compress using
the u or h options (See Below). Normally, I run the ufsdump on all of the
below filesystems which should fit on one tape.  Any solutions?


I recieved the following email from Peter Wallis:

"I would expect 35G uncompressed and for the "u" option 70G compressed.

With HARDWARE compression I do not expect to see and software reports
indicating compression, only the cumulative totol data transfered being
greater than 35G or the compress ( or equivelent light being on )"

The u option appears to be working. I was told the h option would not work
on the DLT7000.
Some people also recommended the c option which I have not tried yet.Out
DLT7000 does not have acompression light.
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