Summary: Recover root password on Intel

From: Dan Lee <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 14:42:58 EDT
Thanks for all the responses.  There are too many to mention.  Sorry, I 
didn't phrase the question properly.   I do know how to do this in sparc.  
However, I didn't know the steps of hitting the different function keys and 
entering proper syntax to bring me into single user mode under intel x86.  
Below is a cookbook that Ric Anderson sent to me which shows the step by 
step procedure.  Thanks you all.


>Below is the cookbook I last used
>Ric Anderson
>x86: How to Boot a System for Recovery Purposes
>Substitute the device name of the file system to be repaired for the
>devicename variable identified in the procedures below. If you need
>help identifying a system's device names, refer to Chapter 20,
>Accessing Devices (Overview) .
>Follow the instructions below depending on whether you are booting from
>the Solaris 2 installation CD or the network.
>   Boot from the Solaris 2 installation CD (or the network) to
>   single-user mode using steps a-f.
>   If you are booting from the network, skip steps a and b.
>       a.Insert the Solaris 2 installation CD into the CD caddy.
>       b.Insert the CD caddy into the CD-ROM drive.
>       c.(Optional) Insert the Configuration Assistant/Boot Diskette
>         into the primary diskette drive (DOS drive A) if the disk you
>         are booting from doesn't contain the Solaris Intel Platform
>         Edition or compatible versions.
>       d.Press any key to reboot the system if the system displays the
>         Type any key to reboot prompt. You can also use the reset
>         button at this prompt. If the system is shut down, turn the
>         system on with the power (on/off) switch.
>       e.Press the F2 key (F2_Continue) at the Solaris Device
>         Configuration Assistant screen.  Device identification is
>         performed and a screen that displays the identified devices
>         appears.
>       f.Press the F2 key (F2_Continue) at the Identified Devices screen.
>         Bootable drivers are loaded.
>       g.Select the CD-ROM drive or net(work) as the boot device from
>         the Boot Solaris screen. Then press the F2 key (F2_Continue).
>         The Solaris boot option screen is displayed.
>       h.Type b -s at the Select the type of installation: prompt.
>         After a few minutes, the single-user mode # prompt is displayed.
>Dan Lee wrote:
> >
> > Folks,
> >
> > I need to recover root's password on my Intel (x86) Solaris 8 box.  I 
> > what the password was.   Any ideas for recovery?  Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Dan
> >

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