From: Ryn <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 18:20:29 EDT
A bug currently exists with ypinit.

>From Casper Dik:

A change to libc n one of the patches caused errno to be
set to a non-zero value in "domainname"; this triggers a bug
in "domainname"; it does exit(errno), even if no system call failed.

There's a Tpatch available for this problem. (T112138-01)


I got around the problem by replacing domainname in /bin and
/usr/bin with a wrapper. This fixes the issue.

Thanks goes out to:

Jay Lessert
David Foster
Simon Philips
N Murray
Bara Zani
Casper Dik
Calin Siulea

- Ryan

Original Post:

> Hello folks,
> I am going nuts trying to get NIS working. I cannot seem to build any of my
> maps when
> running ypinit -m. I have setup my PATH, copied all the relevant files to
> /etc/nis, modified
> my Makefile, created /etc/defaultdomain and ran domainname DOMAIN. I have
> attached
> the last dialog (with errors) below. Hopefully someone can shed some light on
> this.
> Building /var/yp/
> Running /var/yp /Makefile...
> updated passwd
> *** Error code 9
> *** Error code 9
> *** Error code 9
> *** Error code 9
> *** Error code 9
> Broken Pipe
> NIS make terminated: rpc.time
> Error running Makefile.
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