Summary: Blade 100 audio capture

From: Heilke, Rainer <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 15:26:01 EDT
I haven't had a chance to test everything yet, as I'm at work, but here are
the answers I got, starting with the most obvious (which, interestingly,
doesn't appear to be in the FAQ).

Solaris has audiorecord, that great little tool they have had forever to do
audio email, etc. Didn't even dawn on me that the same tool for the
microphone would also work at a decent quality for the line in with the
Blade's audio hardware. D'oh! (Yes, I feel silly.) It even works at DAT
quality, which is higher than CD. Thanks to David. I'm testing it tonight.

There is a Linux program called gramophile, but it hasn't been ported. I may
look at it.

Blaze Media was recommended. They have a free, limited-time download, but it
seems to only be for WinDoze. Again, if audiorecord isn't adequate, I may
email them re: a Solaris version.

I also got some warnings about posting the kind of question I did to the
group, as the RIAA group may come after me. I honestly appreciate the
concern, but feel my use is legitimate. If they want to come after me, then
they must be really bored. And, I'm sure they have a lot of people ahead of
me in the line.

Thanks to all respondents.

Rainer Heilke

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> Greetings, all.
> Can anyone recommend software that will work on a Blade 100 to capture
> audio through the built-in sound card? I want to be able to take some of
> my old records and burn them to CD, so that I can play them in the car,
> etc. (And, I only have one needle left for my turntable, which means I
> have a limited time to listen to the music, some of which will never come
> out commercially on CD.) I would prefer capturing the music to WAV than
> MP3, as I want to go for quality, rather than 500+ tracks per CD.
> Thanks in advance.
> Rainer Heilke
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