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Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 14:24:15 EDT
My original posting -
SUN managers,
I need opinions from experienced sunmanagers on SUN's version of sendmail. 
How secure is that for an Internet-facing SMTP application ? Or is it common
opinion that the opensource version of sendmail ( is generally
more secure ? I know that SUN is always a couple of versions behind but is
that necessarily bad ?
Does SUN offer sendmail just as an "also offered" software or are they
serious about supporting it and quickly patching security holes if customers
have a problem ?

Thanks to all the people who replied. My apologies if i missed someone -

Rainer Heilke
Tim Yocum  
David Foster 
Tim Chipman
Chris Hoogendyk 
Hendrik Visage 
Gaziz Nugmanov 
Bryce Ryan  
Rich Kulawiec 
Timothy Lorenc
Steve Hammond
Juri Haberland 
Lars Hecking  
Gary Losito
Henrik Huhtinen
Sergio Gelato  
Davorin Bengez
Andrew Stueve 


About sendmail - Almost everyone said the same thing.... DO NOT use SUN's sendmail (or any other outdated version for that matter) for an Internet facing  SMTP application. In fact i found something on SUN's website echoing the opinion. -

If you have to go with sendmail then the most recent version (which opensource provides) is the best option.

Alternatives to sendmail -
There was an overwhelming number of people who preferred postfix and/or qmail over sendmail for various reasons like security,ease of configuring and maintaining etc. I would definitely look into these options.

Thanks to the list and everyone who took time to reply.

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