SUMMARY: ufsrestore of OS dump on a different server

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 14:20:33 EDT
I was on the right path after all, missing the "undocumented" parameter -p
for the path_to_install file. Special thanks to Buddy Lumpkin for pointing
out that in previous Solaris versions, there was a -p paramter to drvconfig
which could also work in Solaris 8.... And indeed it still works albeit
still undocumented...

Thank you all that have responded....


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Solaris 8, 4/01. UE-3500 servers (server A and B).
I dumped the OS of server A (/ and /var) to tape. The / and /var partitions
are c2t3d0s0 and c2t3d0s0 on server A.
Restored same tape to server B on similarly sized partitions, did
installboot, edited vfstab file as well as the hostname objects in /etc. The
/ and /var paritions I restored on server B are /c5t1d0s0 and c5t1d0s3.

Started up server B (boot -rv)... fails on fscking of /dev/rdsk/c5t1d0s0 and
consequently /dev/rdsk/c5t1d0s3... goes to single user mode with / mounted
using the physical device path of / and readonly mode... Seems like it is
failing because /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk do not have entries to the new device
paths for the OS.

I've tried using devfsadm while booted in miniroot from CDROM but have been
unsuccessful in rebuilding the /dev /tree as well as the path_to_inst.  Is
there a way/recipe to fix this? I know I have been doing this in previous
versions of Solaris and even with Solaris 7 but just cannot make this work
on Solaris 8. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


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