SUMMARY: getexecname() failed for sort and ps in chroot during jumpstart

From: Josh Lukens <>
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 11:57:44 EDT
Many thanks to everyone for their quick responses (Casper Dik, Justin
Stringfellow, Eric Clark, Jon Andrews, John Marrett, and Kristopher
Briscoe).  For the most part everyone suggested the same thing, I was
missing /proc in my chroot enviroment.  I added:

  mount -F proc /proc /a/proc

before my chroot and everything worked like a charm.


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Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a jumpstart server to spit out Check Point firewalls.
I'm using the JASS toolkit to apply patches, install packages, and run my
lock down scripts.  All boxes are running Solaris 8 (07-2001) and are fully
patched with the recommended cluster.  Unfortunatly the Checkpoint packages
don't seem to behave properly with the -R switch to pkgadd so I've reverted
to installing them using the old chroot method.

In the chrooted enviroment I can't seem to run either ps or sort.  Both give
me the error getexecname().  The only information I chould find on this is

which suggests it is a library problem.  I tried running truss in the chroot
but it dies with the same getexecname() error.  Digging a little further I
found that the /usr/bin/ps and /usr/bin/sort were only wrapper programs for
/usr/bin/sparcv9/ps and /usr/bin/sparcv7/sort (which I assume vary by

Right now in my install script I'm copying /usr/bin/sparcv9/ps and
/usr/bin/sparcv7/sort into /usr/bin before my chroot pkgadd and then
replacing the origionals when the install is finished.  This seems like a
horrid hack and I'd like to figure out how to fix the problem correctly.

Any thoughts?

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