SUMMARY:Sr. UNIX admin??

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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 09:06:43 EDT
    Thanks to all who replied.  I received a ton of responses and most gave 
me the sage website to refer to for a standard definition 
(  Some even threw 
in their two cents and gave me further details according to their own 
experience.  Out of the responses I received I felt the most important 
traits for a SR amdin are:
-Be familiar with many flavors of UNIX (Solaris, HP, AIX, etc..)
-Be able to mentor others in the group
-Be able to plan for the future of the company and his/her LAN
-Be able to handle projects form planning to implementation

I wanted to post a quick question and get a few replies.  I was asked the 
other day what make a Sr. UNIX admin/Team Lead and I thought to myself what 
is it.  Is it:
-The fact that you are the most senior in your group so you are just labeled 
as the Sr. UNIX admin and team lead?
-Length of time spent working in the field?
-Ability to manage projects?
-The fact that you oversee the jr admin in the group?
  I don't know if there is a definitive answer.  Granted some will say you 
must know the OS in and out as well as the applications/services, etc.  
However, I feel UNIX is quite a beast and many "Sr" admin do not know all 
these things.  Just MHO.  Any thoughts?

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