SUMMARY: Failed to make directory; No such device or address

From: Benoit Audet <>
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 08:42:08 EDT
Hi again admins,

Finally, I found the awnser!  I tryed a lot of things, looked at lot more 
things, and I was still "lost in the fog".  It seemed to be a very strange 
problem to me, since the Sun Professionnal Services' guys did the config 
job on this server!

Well, first of all, I would like to thank the following (in no particular 
order): Nick Hindley, Hendrik Visage, Michael Groisman, Vipin Sharma, Ron 
Dinwiddie, Michael Kiernan, Bertrand Hutin, David Evans, Stephen Foster, 
Greg Gallagher.

Nobody gave me the "final" awnser, but Vipin Sharma was the closest form 
the truth!  ;-)  Here's his reply:
See if your plex size is smaller or equal to volume size.
Most probably your plex size is greater than the volume size for /opt volume.

Check one more thing just delete one of the directory or file than try to 
new file/dir you should be able to do that but not more than one.

What I did:  before striking out my volume, I simply did a "fstyp -v" of 
the physical path (in this case, "/dev/vx/dsk/opt") and I noticed the value 
for the "size".  After that, I moved all the data on this volume to another 
free slice, using the "tar -cf  . | (cd /other/slice; tar xfBp -)" command, 
and I did a "newfs" on the problematic volume.

After that, I did a new "fstyp -v" on the volume and compared the new value 
for the "size" with the old one, and found myself smiling in front of the 
difference.  So, I put back all the data on the volume, and I did a small 
script to create up to 1000 directories, and all worked great.

So that's it and thanks again for your replies!

My original problem was:

At 09:56 AM 10/10/2001 -0400, Benoit Audet wrote:
>Hi admins,
>I have a strange problem here, and even the Sun Engeneer is passed out on 
>this.  He's actually searching on his side.  ;-)
>Well, here's a description of my problem.  We have a SunFire 6800 with T3s 
>disks arrays, and all differents volumes are made with Veritas Volume 
>Manager version 3.1.1.  The problem is that under the /opt partition, when 
>I try to make a directory, I have this error message:
>cygnus# pwd
>cygnus# mkdir test
>mkdir: Failed to make directory "test"; No such device or address
>if I list the partition info using df -k, I have the output prooving me 
>that the "/opt" partition is mounted, with enough free space to do a lot 
>of work:
>cygnus# df -k | grep opt
>/dev/vx/dsk/opt      8105917 4920265 3104593    62%    /opt
>and when I'm in the "/opt" directory, I can list other directories, and 
>even creating files with "touch" command, look:
>cygnus# pwd
>cygnus# ls
>lost+found/  sun/         SUNWexplo/   SUNWsymon/   VRTSvxvm/
>opt/         SUNWconn/    SUNWits/     VRTSfsdoc/
>oracle/      SUNWebnfs/   SUNWrtvc/    VRTSvmsa/
>cygnus# touch test1
>cygnus# ls
>lost+found/  sun/         SUNWexplo/   SUNWsymon/   VRTSvmsa/
>opt/         SUNWconn/    SUNWits/     test1        VRTSvxvm/
>oracle/      SUNWebnfs/   SUNWrtvc/    VRTSfsdoc/
>Well, that's the essencial description I can make from now of my 
>problem.  I unmounted the "/opt" partition, did a "fsck" on it, remounted 
>it elsewhere, trying to create another directory, etc. and nothing had any 
>success.  Any Idea on what's going on with it??
>Thanks!  Will summerise!  :-)

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