Summary: Controlling/Modifying user environment with Modules

From: William Robertson <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 19:24:49 EDT
I had received 0 responses.

However, I found a good web site that have the latest
on Modulefiles.

If you are not aware of MODULES, I think you should
consider looking into it. It is a very useful utility
for managing user environments.

The web site address is:

My Original Message
> Hi Sun Managers,
> Some of you might be aware of a utility called
> Modules. Modules is a utility that provides dynamic
> modification of a users environment via
> modulefiles. 
> Each module (or modulefile) contains the information
> (path settings, environment variables, PATH,
> etc) to run the corresponding application. So if you
> want to use for instance a new application which is
> not loaded in your environment, you can simply add
> (or
> load) the corresponding module to your environment
> with one of these tools.  Please see
> This Modules utility worked great with our 50+
> users. 
> The problem we are having is that this utility uses
> an
> older version of TCL which is not supported on some
> type of systems (ex: Solaris on x86).  The Target
> systems we are trying to run this utility on are:
> Solaris on Sparc, Solaris on x86, Linux, and others.
> My question to you: Is there a newer version of this
> utility that uses the latest version of TCL? Is
> there
> a similar utility that can provide similar
> functionality? I learned that there are some
> utilities
> out there such as SEPP, Pack Distribution Project,
> Stow, The Depot Configuration Management Project,
> and
> SFI Directory. Any one has any experience with any
> of
> these utilities? Any suggestion is greatly
> appreciated.
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