Summary: Testing RAM chips

From: Siddhartha Jain <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 06:29:58 EDT

The overwheliming response was to use the SUNvts package which i am in the
process on installing now.

However, i fail to understand why doesn't "test /memory" doesn't work as
mentioned at Even "obdiag" didn't work as mentioned in the
E220R Service manual. I set the diag-level to "max" and the diag-switch to
"true". Then i ran obdiag at the OBP but i didn't get any menu as mentioned
in the OB Manual.

I looked up these URLs at which advised me to run "test
/memory" and "obdiag"

Thanks John Julian, Nick Hindley, Julian Simpson, Joaquin Domenech, Bill
Voight, Kevin ButerBaughBryce Ryan and Peter Stokes for your responses.

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