Morning check - summary

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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 11:40:11 EDT

             Thanks to all who responded....Basically most of them told me
to use the bigbrother or sitescope.
I got 2 good scripts which was useful.

a) ---------------------------------------------------

@list = ("a","b","c","d");

if($#ARGV != 0)
        print "Usage: $0 \"command_to_exec\"\n";

foreach $server (@list)
        print "/usr/local/bin/ssh -a $server $ARGV[0]\n";
        print `/usr/local/bin/ssh -a $server $ARGV[0]`;

instead of a,b,c etc put names of your servers.
you can use this script by this way for example:

$ 'ps -elf | grep -c httpd'

the script just connects via ssh to all servers listed in @list definition
and executes a command given as an argument ($ARGV[0] in the script).
if you need to execute the same command all the time, you can 'hardcode'
it into the script.

Michael Groisman
System Department, NetVision Ltd.

b) #!/bin/sh

ssh user@box1 "grep 'httpd' | grep -v grep" > box1_httpd
ssh user@box2 "grep 'jre' | grep -v grep" > box2_wls

You could of course get fancier and automate things (run script on each
server that reads return value of grep to see if a match was made; telnet
the port, etc)... Really I think you're better off with big brother...



                Iam working in a e-biz environment which has 100 servers .
My daily routine is to do a morning check to see if all the
                important process like weblogic,httpd is running.It is
frustrating to log on each morning to each and every server to
                find if the process are running ok...I need a script that
could do this and generate a report .co'z Iam not good at scripting.Below
are the

   There are web servers running : httpd (ps -ef | grep -i httpd | grep -v
   There are App servers running : weblogic (ps -ef | grep -i weblogic |
   grep -v grep)
   There are database servers on VCS running: oracle database
   (/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hastatus -summary)

                    I have one server (X) from which I have ssh access as
root  to all the servers.I can use the X server
                    to run the script.


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