SUMMARY: nfs over slow links

From: Fletcher, Joe <>
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 14:04:39 EDT

Recommendations were generally to avoid NFS which suits me fine. There were
concerns with linux nfs3 which I share. Several mentions for rsync/rdist but
in this case since it's 1Gb of new data each night that may not be the ideal

For the moment the job just uses rcp to transfer the compressed exports down
the wire. These are then fed into uncompress/import on the Proliant for
subsequent processing. Initial tests indicate it's going to work
sufficiently well for our needs for now.



I have a job to do requiring data transfer between a Solaris8 system and a
Proliant running SuSE linux 7.0. In effect it's making an oracle export file
generated on the SUN available to the Proliant. The link between the two
systems is a 2mb/s leased line. There are a number of ways I can get the
data across. One possibility is NFS. Can anyone suggest how workable this
option is likely to be between the two systems in advance of me testing it?

Alternatives are generating the export then dd'ing via rsh. I'm also looking
into a single pass option whereby the export from the SUN is dumped straight
into an import on the linux box via named pipes.

Pros and cons of any of the above approaches appreciated.

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